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Wall decoration

Webshop in wall decoration with exclusively own designs

Delivery in: Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, France, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein,
Lithuania, Luxembourg, Norway, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland.

FREE shippingwithin the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Luxembourg and Austria.

Postergirls collaborates with Werk aan de Muur/ Art Heroes!

Known from SBS television program
VT Wonen
“In love with your home again”.

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Wall decoration – new designs

Wall decoration – bestseller top 3


Wall decoration themes

* Flora & fauna
* Persons – women
* Vintage – animals
* Vintage – persons
* Fantasy
* Back to the 80’s
* With text


Wall decoration materials

* Art frame
* Canvas
* Canvas with baking frame (natural, black, white, neon yellow, neon pink, neon blue)
* Canvas with gold trim
* HD metal
* Wallpaper
* Acrylic glass
* Aluminum dibond
* Framed photo prints
* Photo prints
* Outdoor canvas
* Round works of art

Free shipping

Free shipping to: Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Luxembourg and Austria.
Fast delivery of 7-9 business days, so you can quickly give your home a mini makeover!

Unique design

We make all the designs ourselves and they can therefore be found exclusively at Postergirls.

Print on demand, therefore sustainable

By printing only what is ordered, there is no unnecessary inventory.
No waste and almost everything is printed locally.
Prints can be printed on such items as: art frames, canvas, aluminum dibond, HD metal, wallpaper, acrylic glass and photo prints.

Pay safe & fast

Payment options include IDEAL, Bancontact, Mastercard, Visa, PayPal, Apple Pay and Klarna.
Delivery within Europe and Switzerland.

Collage tiles

Funny, beautiful, sweet, wonderful, crazy, fairytale-like, absurd, colorful, goofy, narrative and most of all unique.
That pretty much describes our collection of decorative collage tiles.

The tiles are 15 x 15 x 0.5 cm, matte without glaze or in HD gloss version with glaze.
They can be ordered with or without a pendant or holder.

For yourself or to give as a gift, there are plenty to choose from.

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💡 FREE shipping within the Netherlands

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We are Eddy and Monique, founders of Postergirls.
We are business partners as well as life partners and this helps us to work well together.
Now the interior design industry is no stranger to us; for a long time we had an interior design webshop full of beautiful brands.
However, we felt we could no longer be distinctive enough in this.
Since creating digital designs was already a big hobby of ours, it was a no brainer to continue in this field.
We were able to combine our creativity with our love of interior design and that’s how Postergirls was born.

Now it’s time for its own work and its own brand.
All designs are therefore made by ourselves and therefore unique.
We get our inspiration mainly from nature, photo art, street art, architecture, movies and series and everyday life.
We often combine photo material with drawn elements for a playful effect.
Because we love color, many designs are therefore exuberant, distinctly colorful.

Enrich your interior with wall decorations from Postergirls

Be surprised by unique, colorful and imaginative wall decorations, beautiful designs that are a real asset to any interior.
Picture this for a moment: you step into your fine home and are greeted by a colorful painting.
A work of art that combines designs from different styles with vibrant colors.
Enrich your interior with colorful designs that will be a real eye-catcher in any room.

As far as we are concerned, works of art absolutely define the atmosphere of the interior.
Therefore, with the wall decorations from Postergirls, you have come to the right place to find a unique design to cover every wall.
Through our partnership with Werk aan de muur, you can easily get modern art for the wall in your home.

So, are you ready to transform your home with unique wall art?
Step into our online art gallery and find wall art for any space.

Complete your home with a beautiful piece of art on the wall

With an artwork on the wall by Postergirls, you can now totally embrace your chic interior.
So you can reflect your personality in a creative way through wall art.
Our wall decor range is rich with designs in the following themes:

  • Flora and fauna: bring the outdoor feeling into your home with a print that celebrates the splendor of nature.
    In this collection, you will find designs that depict the beauty of nature in all its facets.
    Impressive wildlife, insects and graceful birds transform any space into something unique.
  • Persons – women: discover a collection of designs focusing on the beauty of women.
    Different styles and colors come together harmoniously, so each artwork tells its own story.
  • Vintage – animals, a collection of wall art where imposing animals come together with vintage elements.
    The artworks add a vintage touch to any space.
  • Vintage – persons, classic figures in a modern look, that’s what you will find in this collection.
    Portraits of stately persons with a nod to modern times.
    These works are a real asset to any space.
  • Fantasy, be enchanted by designs where an explosion of color comes together with different objects.
    This eclectic art brings a colorful touch to any home.
  • Back to the 80’s, be enchanted by the wondrous world of the ’80’s.
    With a real love for the 80’s, we, Eddy and Monique, have created a colorful collection of wall decor embracing the era of neon colors and geometric shapes.
  • With text, make a statement by enriching your living room, bedroom or other space with the wall art from this collection.
    The wall art designs all feature a distinct design with text and/or letters.
    The works are a valuable addition to any home.

Add flora and fauna to your interior with an artwork

Imagine yourself in a botanical setting with Postergirls’ unique flora and fauna designs.
The eclectic artworks in this collection are an ode to the beautiful versatility of nature and all its special facets.

The home decoration from this theme brings out the diversity of animals in an artistic way.
Thus, different animals and flowers/plants are combined with each other to create a special work of art, full of beautiful details.

The vibrancy of the colors combined with the graceful/powerful animals, flowers and plants ensure that each work has a unique character.
Which one is your favorite?

Choose powerful art

Are you looking for an impressive wall poster or painting as wall decoration for your living room?
Discover a rich collection where the power of women is represented in an inspiring way.
In this theme, portraits of women come together with various cultural, botanical or fantasy elements.

The women’s often mesmerizing gaze ensures that everyone’s attention is immediately drawn to the art, each work is therefore a colorful eye-catcher.

Buying a painting online?
You can at Postergirls

Our designs can be printed as wall decorations on different materials.
So you can choose a painting on aluminum, canvas painting, metal painting, acrylic glass painting, a framed poster and much more.

Because we partner with Werk aan de muur, we can have the print printed per order.
By not participating in overconsumption and using print on demand, we are doing our part for a better world.


✓ Unique designs

✓ Customized

✓ Print on demand

✓ In collaboration with Work on the Wall