About Postergirls

Who we are.
We are Eddy and Monique and we are not only business partners but also life partners.
This makes it very easy for us to work together.

We have been in the creative commercial business for many years.
The interior industry has always attracted us, in addition to interior styling, we had a web store with beautiful home accessories for a long time.

But making and selling accessories ourselves is for us the best combination of being creative and commercial. Creating cool products yourself gives the most satisfaction. This is where the idea of starting Postergirls started.
Get creative to create beautiful and cool wall art. Our designs are rich and colorful and we make great use of flora and fauna to brighten our wall art.

During our time as color consultants and home stylists, we have regularly heard that the use of color on the wall is considered exciting.
How nice then that you can apply color to your interior without having to paint.
With our wall-art you can have a mini metamorphosis in no time.

Our goal is to make your home a little more beautiful, cozy and homely.

Enjoy our creations and hopefully they will soon be adorning your wall!

Creative Greetings,
Eddy and Monique