About Postergirls


We, Eddy and Monique are life partners as well as business partners.
That makes it very easy for us to work together because, after all, you know each other through and through and each has his own talents.

We have been in the creative commercial business for many years.
The home industry has always attracted us, in addition to interior styling, we also had an online store with beautiful home accessories of very nice brands for a long time.
After several years of enjoying working in this field and visiting cool trade shows at home and abroad, we noticed that we could no longer be distinctive enough because the market was becoming too crowded.

Since we were doing digital design as a hobby at the time anyway (not to be confused with AI!), it was a no brainer to pursue this professionally. This is where the idea of starting Postergirls had begun.
Making and selling home accessories ourselves is for us the best combination between being creative and commercial. Creating cool products yourself gives the most satisfaction.
Get creative to create beautiful and artistic wall decorations. Our designs are richly filled and colorful, we make great use of flora and fauna to brighten up our wall decorations.
So our sources of inspiration are colors, nature, street art, photo art, classic art, architecture, movies and series and basically the ordinary things you encounter in everyday life.

During our time as color consultants and home stylists, we have frequently learned that many people still find using color on the wall exciting.
So how nice is it that you can apply color in your interior without having to paint and that it is also easily interchangeable.
With our wall decorations, you’ll have a mini metamorphosis in no time.

Our goal is to make your home a little more colorful, beautiful, cozy and atmospheric.

We hope you will enjoy our creations and perhaps they will soon adorn your wall!

Creative Greetings,
Eddy and Monique