Back to the 80’s

Color, color and more color. The 1980s as inspiration for colorful designs with bright colors and pastels.


Complete your interior with 80’s art

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of neon colors, pastels and geometric shapes: welcome to the 80’s!
We at Postergirls have a real passion for all things 80s, which is how this vibrant art collection came about.

The 1980s are characterized by the eclectic convergence of music, fashion and other creative expressions.
Whether you consciously experienced the 80s yourself or not, everyone recognizes these elements: geometric shapes, neon and pastel colors and airbrush effects.

Make the walls in your home a home by adding Postergirls’ colorful 80’s wall art.
Which artwork stole your heart?


These graphic posters are a must in any interior


Step into a world of art without borders, where the experimental nature is the basis of unique artworks, that’s what you will find in this collection.
Discover, for example, the graphic patterns of
Psychedelic lips
combined with colorful pop art elements. For example, the (almost) hypnotic figures in the background ensure that attention is immediately drawn. This wall art is the perfect wall decoration for any living room, bedroom or other room, the black and white artwork features a sweet treat: the well-known lollipop.
Order this wall decoration as a framed poster in a large size so that it is an absolute eye-catcher within your interior.


Choose color with a neon painting

You just scored that new Madonna cassette and listen to the music all day long through your walkman. Meanwhile, you are scouring all of your closet to find the perfect outfit for this weekend to put on to the disco. Lovely, isn’t it, that nostalgia?

I am an 80’s girl
is the absolute pinnacle of 80’s art as far as we are concerned. The design is a harmonious interplay of pastel and neon colors, combined with geometric shapes and bright makeup.
Aren’t you afraid of a colorful addition in your home? You can even top it off by choosing a neon frame.
Through our partnership with Werk aan de muur, you can order any design entirely to your liking. For example, will you choose a wall poster, aluminum painting or have your design printed as a large acrylic glass painting?

Our love for 80’s elements is also reflected in our collection of artwork with text.
Are you curious? Then take
take a look.


✓ Unique designs

✓ Customized

✓ Print on demand

✓ In collaboration with Work on the Wall