Wall decoration in fantasy theme

Enter the fantasy world of Postergirls, where nothing is too crazy.
This theme combines different styles, elements and colors to create beautiful and unique fantasy wall art. Take a look at the collection and be amazed by versatility of our fantasy art.


Find your fantasy wall decor at Postergirls


This collection features designs that are out of bounds. The artworks are our artistic expression combining elements and colors into expressive works of art. Some words that describe the wall art are funny, colorful, dreamy, fairy tale and mysterious.


Brighten up your home with a colorful fantasy painting

One of the principles we as Postergirls strive to live by is that we create unique designs that are a beautiful addition to any living room, bedroom, above the dining table or in the hallway.
For example, discover
Urban Jungle graffiti,
the colors in this design are a true explosion of color. The feathers in the spread wings of the blue and yellow parrot match beautifully with the cool graffiti art in the background.
The versatility and colorful aspects of the city, the urban jungle, come together with the happy-looking feathers of the tropical bird.
This unique piece of art looks great with a neutral calm home decor, as the colors really make this wall decoration pop off the wall.


Complete your interior with a fantasy artwork on the wall

Discover for example
Ice cream cone with flowers
, this design adds a touch of colorful elegance to any botanical or modern interior.
The cone is filled with colorful elements such as lollipops, peacock feathers, fruit, flowers and beautiful butterflies. You can let this colorful print shine in your interior all year round, as during gloomy days this wall art still evokes a warm and cheerful feeling.
The artwork makes you long for those fine spring and summer days where you can enjoy the warm rays of the sun, your favorite flowers are in bloom and you can enjoy a tasty ice cream.
As with many of our other unique wall art, you will keep discovering new details the longer you look at the work.
In which room would you hang this colorful design?

Choose a round painting, wallpaper or acrylic glass painting

At Postergirls, we love helping you find beautiful wall art to enrich every wall of your home.
All designs can be ordered in different finishes such as a metal painting, canvas painting, framed poster or aluminum painting. So you will always find a fantasy wall decoration that suits all your needs.
Are you curious how the wall art will look in your own interior? Try it out in advance via the virtual tool at Work on the Wall!

If you absolutely love the fantasy theme, but find combining colors on your wall, furniture and wall decor a bit tricky, read our blog on using color in the home.


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