Wall decoration with women

Women’s faces, women’s bodies, be amazed by the amazing world of female beauty. In this theme, we would like to introduce you to the diversity and depth of women. Thus each design has a powerful woman which we have artistically portrayed.


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Discover, for example
Medusa, woman with snakes
, this design captures Medusa’s enchanting gaze amidst snakes and flowers.
The story of Medusa is very well known from Greek mythology. The woman with snake hair and a look that could turn people to stone when she looked at them. We incorporated this particular myth into an artistic design.
This modern Medusa is depicted as a powerful lady, the colors in the background providing a more classic tone. The design of this particular wall decoration will stand out in any interior.

Complete your living room with a modern painting.

What is art anyway?
As far as we are concerned, art consists of various objects, colors and formats, including, therefore, wall decorations.
Postergirls’ artworks are meant to decorate and add cachet to your interior. For example, many of our designs feature different elements and colors that ensure that attention is drawn to the work.
The print
Flower woman with donut eyes
is a fine example of this. The colorful, botanical elements immediately grab your attention and remind you of a sunny spring day when the birds are chirping and the flowers are blooming.
This design can be seen as art with a wink because of the donuts being held by the woman. The longer you look at this design, the more you discover. Therefore, this modern collage is also an absolute asset in any interior.
For an extra modern finish, you can also choose to order the design as a wall decoration on aluminum. In fact, an aluminum finish provides a contemporary look, which is why a metal image will come into its own in any decor.

In addition to aluminum paintings, you can also order our prints as the following wall decorations: canvas painting, wall poster, acrylic glass painting and wallpaper.
Are you curious how the design would look on your wall? You can test this out via the virtual tool!


Choose black and white art

Black and white artworks often have an elegant and timeless look. In fact, the minimal use of color can create an oasis of calm.
This is well reflected in the design
Graphic head in black and white
, although the wall print contains few colors, it is still a real eye-catcher because there is a lot going on in the composition. The peculiarity of this work is that the composition is emphasized by botanical elements and black and white contrasts.
The unique design consists of clean graphic patterns but the botanical elements around the woman’s head, on the other hand, give the design a soft character.


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