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The tiles are 15 x 15 x 0.5 cm and you can choose from a matte unglazed tile (not waterproof) or a glazed HD tile in gloss (waterproof), with pendant or with holder or just without.

Ordering is simple, just click on your choice and checkout is easy and secure.
All designs are unique and designed by team Postergirls.

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Order the tiles from Postergirls’ shop and they will be delivered to the specified address within 1 to 11 business days (depending on where you live/country).

How it works.

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All tiles are printed only after order, according to the print on demand principle. So no inventory and no waste.

Benefits for you:

* You have a choice of hanging or setting material.
* You can pay securely with Ideal, Bancontact, giropay, credit card and PayPal, among others.
* Free shipping within the Netherlands.
* Wide selection of unique in-house designs.
* Cool gift ideas, no more searching for a suitable present.
* Good and clear return options.

Note :
Tiles order and checkout here, in the Postergirls webshop. Here, then, our payment and return conditions also apply.

If you order wall decorations from Postergirls they will be handled through Work on the Wall, then the terms and conditions, return policy and payment method of Work on the Wall will apply.

Tiles with image

Everyone is familiar with birth tiles; perhaps you have one of your own.
With our collection of collage tiles with narrative images, we wanted to take the tiles to the next level.
Funny, colorful, fairy-tale, beautiful and unique tiles are the result.


Decorate your interior with a unique tile

Meet a collection of unique decorative tile designs, designs where color and elements come together harmoniously to create a cool design.
The designs we created all have vibrant colors, making each artwork a valuable addition to any interior. Thus, a wall tile from Postergirls can add just that little extra flair to any room.

A tile is a small but fine wall decoration that you can easily hang or place in any room to decorate your interior.
You can finely combine a tile with your own photos to create a collage, hanging on the wall or on a shelf in the closet. You can do this, for example, by color or by theme; perhaps a tile will match your vacation photos perfectly or if you love a particular color, you can make your choice accordingly.

Whatever your choice, a unique piece of art from Postergirls is always a boost to your home.
The wide selection of prints from our tile collection give you the opportunity to choose just the one that adds value to your decor.


Discover the different styles and designs of our cool tiles

All wall tiles by Postergirls are their own designs and therefore unique.
You can roughly divide the collection into themes such as collages, fairy tales, symmetrical, girly, funny, fantasy and colorful.

If you want to put the tile down then it is convenient to order a holder, this will keep your tile in place and not slip and perhaps fall apart.
Hanging is also possible, of course, order the hanger with it.

Our story tiles are also a great gift idea, these works of art are fun to give and to get.
You can have the tile sent directly to the recipient, simply enter the recipient’s address in addition to your own details and we will do the rest.


Easily order your tile with image

Pillows, plaids, rugs and plants add atmosphere to your home, but by adding a tile you have very quickly added color and atmosphere to your interior and at a nice price.

If you choose an HD tile, you can also use it in wet areas because it is waterproof.
Might be a nice idea to brick the tile into the kitchen or bathroom.

Are you ready to decorate your room, bedroom, nursery or any space with a stylish explosion of color?
Then take a quick look among our unique designs in the tile shop


✓ Unique designs

✓ 15 x 15 cm

✓ Print on demand

✓ Narrative works of art