Animal art in vintage style.

Do you also sometimes think back to the good old days, the time when you lent your poetry album to your loved ones so they could write nice poems in it with cute poetry pictures? In this vintage animal collection, we like to take you back to that special time for just a moment. In fact, here you will find artwork featuring animals with a vintage look and feel.
In this collection, we tried to bring out a nostalgic feeling of old picture books. This was done through vintage and retro elements that we used in the unique designs.


Complete your interior with retro art on the wall

The retro-look animals look great in many interiors, from modern to country.
Take the
Black panther vintage style
, it will give your living room or bedroom a touch of vintage elegance.

The subtle, light lilac colors in the background beautifully highlight the imposing animal. And you can completely choose the size and material of your print.

Why vintage art?

Vintage or retro art is so fantastic because it can give you a nostalgic feeling and you can mix it very well with modern elements. The retro artwork is a reflection of the past. You recognize them by the use of color, technique and cultural influences.
At Postergirls, you’ll find vintage designs with a colorful and modern twist. This collection focuses on animals, but in a vintage setting. With the works in this collection, we have tried to evoke a certain nostalgia and interpret this vintage style in our own way.
With our unique designs, we try to make art accessible to everyone. So you can add colorful wall art to your own interior, in a size and finish of your choice.

Through our partnership with Werk aan de muur, you can have your new wall art completely customized.
For example, you can choose the size and you have the choice of different finishes such as:

  • Canvas painting
  • Painting on acrylic glass
  • Aluminum painting
  • (Framed) wall poster
  • Wallpaper Print

If you choose a canvas painting, you could order it with a frame for an extra bit of flair.


Choose a vintage animal painting


If you are looking for a colorful painting with a touch of vintage then
Flamingo with vintage style flowers dark
might be the perfect match with your interior. The dark colors give the design a classic touch and the botanical elements, on the other hand, give that vintage look to this unique design.
As far as we are concerned, flamingos are one of the most elegant bird species, so we brought out this elegance by using a light-dark contrast. The different shades of color make this artwork a cheerful addition to your living room, bedroom or hallway.


By the way, did you know that in addition to the vintage animals collection, we also have a collection with
vintage people
There you’ll find classic paintings with a funny twist, mostly stately portraits in a modern twist.


✓ Unique designs

✓ Customized

✓ Print on demand

✓ In collaboration with Work on the Wall