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Designs with vintage elements and classic elements from old paintings and retro pictures, among others.


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Artists often try to convey feeling and emotion through their work, so each work of art tells its own story. Of course, there is always room left for one’s own interpretation, but there is often an underlying idea established for each work. Similarly, many classical paintings tell a story.
In this particular collection, we have tried to give these classic paintings a new story by modernizing them.
The result of this? Old and new elements coming together harmoniously to create a new, modernized work of art.


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Although classical art can sometimes have a stuffy image, we have experimented with modern elements in the designs in this collection.
A good example of this is
Lord blowing a bubble
. The original painting was probably intended so that the high-ranking lord could show off his splendor. We wouldn’t be Postergirls if we didn’t add a touch of humor here!
Indeed, in our unique design, the lord is still depicted as an important person, but with a small special addition: a gum bubble.
The new version of the classic painting still has the classic charm with its draped fabrics, dramatic light and graceful brushstrokes that indicate true craftsmanship. However, the small addition transformed the design into wall art that will make any interior shine.

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Unlike the above design, at
Freule with Leopards
removed the noble lady from the original composition to then create an eclectic work of art.
The eclectic style is characterized by the elements from different art movements and art styles merging into a work of art.
The design focuses on the freule with her extravagant lifestyle. She is surrounded by golden elements and accompanied by her special, exotic pets: leopards. The design looks calm because the color palette has been limited to the freule’s colors.

All Postergirls’ designs can be customized as desired. Through our partnership with Werk aan de muur, you can choose a size and finish that suits your taste. So, will you choose an acrylic glass painting, an aluminum painting or a round painting? The possibilities are endless!

However, are you looking for a way to bring nature inside your vintage interior?
Then be sure to take a look at our
vintage animals
collection. The designs from that collection showcase the splendor of all facets of nature, with a vintage touch.


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