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All designs are unique and designed by team Postergirls.

Postergirls and Werk aan de muur / Art Heroes

Postergirls collaborates with Werk aan de muur, known for the SBS television program VT Wonen “Back in love with your home.”

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* You have wide options in materials and sizes!
* You can pay securely with Ideal, Bancontact, Mastercard, PayPal and Klarna, among others.
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* Werk aan de muur collaborates with home stylists.
* Always good and clear advice.
* Good and clear return options.
* Quality mark with honest reviews.

Note :
If you order wall decorations from Postergirls they will be handled through Work on the Wall, then the terms and conditions, return policy and payment method of Work on the Wall will apply.

Tiles order and checkout here, in the Postergirls webshop. Here, then, our payment and return conditions also apply.


Here are the links where you can find our shop at Werk aan de muur:
Netherlands: https://postergirls.werkaandemuur.nl/nl
Germany: https://postergirls.artheroes.de/de
France: https://postergirls.artheroes.fr/fr
UK: https://postergirls.artheroes.com/en



Complete your interior with a work of art on the wall

Meet a collection of unique designs of different artworks, designs where color and elements come together harmoniously to create extraordinary wall art.
The designs we created all have vibrant colors, making each artwork a valuable addition to any interior. Thus, wall decorations from Postergirls can add just that extra bit of flair to any room.


For example, choose unusual wall art in the bedroom, living room or hallway. The hallway is usually the room you enter first in a house, therefore you want to make it a pleasant and inviting space. With Postergirls’ designs, you will create a colorful and warm welcome. In fact, as soon as visitors enter, they are greeted by extraordinary wall art.

The prints from our wall decor collection can transform any room, upgrading the aesthetic of the home in a stylish way.


Modern art for the wall Buy at Postergirls

All of Postergirls’ designs can be divided into their own theme. These themes are characterized by the colors and elements.

  • Flora and fauna: with the works from this collection, you will stylishly incorporate nature within your interior. The designs colorfully take you into a soothing experience of nature. So be surprised by designs where nature comes to life in a work of art.
  • Persons – women: discover a collection where the female beauty is depicted in a colorful way. The designs often focus on women’s faces; by incorporating cultural, botanical and fantasy elements into these designs, the artworks become real eye-catchers.
  • Vintage – animals: marvel at majestic animals combined with retro elements. With the works from this collection, you can stylishly add a vintage atmosphere to any room.
  • Vintage – people: in this collection you will be surprised by wall art of old masters, but made contemporary. You will find a humorous interpretation of classic masterpieces. The works add humor and a lively atmosphere to any space.
  • Fantasy: If you’re looking for a piece of art that mixes color and fictional elements in a chic way, you’ve come to the right place with this collection. Vibrant colors, imposing animals and shapes come together in a visual symphony of surrealist art.
  • Back to the 80’s: the time of neon colors and graphic prints. In creating these designs, much inspiration was taken from airbrush cards and posters. With the works from this collection, you bring a color explosion into your home, a real statement piece.
  • With text: be surprised by colorful artworks where text is creatively combined with color, people and other elements.


Will you choose a canvas painting, metal painting or an acrylic glass painting?

Together with Werk aan de muur, we offer several ways to order your new wall art. In fact, our designs can be printed in different sizes and on different materials.
Enrich your interior with a round painting, an acrylic glass painting, aluminum painting or a framed poster? The possibilities are endless.

Each material choice brings its own look. If you want to know if a design fits your interior, use the tool to virtually view your chosen wall decoration on your wall.

Are you ready to transform your home with a stylish explosion of color?
Then take a quick look among our stylish designs.


✓ Unique designs

✓ Customized

✓ Print on demand

✓ In collaboration with Work on the Wall