In this blog article you’ll read about the 7 most applied home styles today.
Which one appeals to you the most?

If you’re an interior design enthusiast or you’re going to change your interior design, you may have created a mood board and are probably aware of the different living styles. And there are quite a few of them.
Usually we throw everything under the heading of “modern interior design” but that’s a little too short. So what do you call modern and what if you like to mix home furnishings, what do you call it?
You can often tell at a glance if a style suits you or not and if you have a feel for it.

But you may still need some guidance because there is so much on offer and you are not waiting for a mismatch.
In this article we explain seven different styles, these interior styles all have their own characteristics.
What do these living styles entail and how do you recognize them?
You’ll read about it in this article.


1. Retro – vintage
Give your home an old school feel with retro

By retro/vintage you may think of the nostalgia of the 50’s and 60’s, the living pit of the 70’s or the bright colors like pink, purple and lime green of the 80’s.
Furniture and home accessories from the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s can be found at thrift stores or home improvement stores that offer these items, secondhand or even new. Or consider grandparents’ heirlooms.
We think this style is obvious to you, but we still want to name some key features of retro style by period.

Characteristics of retro and vintage from the 1950s:
– lots of furniture made of (sturdy) wood
– sloping legs
– solid quality, should last a long time
– (floor) lamps with shades
– retain colors such as dark greens and blues
– sleek and few bells and whistles
– use of wool, cotton and silk

Features retro and vintage from the 1960s:
– jukeboxes and neon lighting
– American diner furniture with red leather, metal/chrome and black/white block floor.
– linoleum floors

Characteristics of retro and vintage from the 70s:
– metal, an industrial look combined with wood.
– pine wood and cheaper self-assembly furniture
– influences from India and China in home accessories
– lava lamps with colors
– floral patterns in purples, oranges and browns
– rattan, rugs and furs
– corduroy

Characteristics of retro and vintage from the 1980s:
– bright neon colors such as pink, purple, orange and lime green
– plastic and plexiglass home accessories
– pastel colors
– airbrush posters
– graffiti and street art
– high gloss
– black and white and graphic patterns
– sleek design with designer furniture

What certainly wouldn’t have been out of place in the 80’s is the colorful paintings
Bubblegum girls
, a real eye-catcher on the wall. This unique design is an ode to the 1980s and is based on airbrush images from that era.
If you’re looking for something from the 80’s for your home, look no further, because it’s not going to be more 80’s than this!

2. Classic
Go for a timeless look and choose classic living

The classic living style is characterized by rich fabrics such as velvet, padded sofas and ornate ceilings with garlands and decorative moldings.
Dark tones are mostly seen in furniture, in addition, the absolute must haves are brass and marble, along with the materials velvet, silver, gold or glass. Elegant and chic interiors is what classic living is all about. The classical style often includes Renaissance and Baroque elements such as pillars, columns and garlands.

Features of classic style again:
– dark colors such as plum, burgundy red, dark green and blue
– padded sofas
– cognac color leather
– elements from the Renaissance and Baroque periods
– rich and heavy velour fabrics
– gold color and brass
– marble
– symmetry

You can find this furniture and accessories at home improvement stores, but also consider thrift stores and bric-a-brac stores.
For the wall is the design
Marie Antoinette
is a top choice, with this design as a canvas painting on the wall your interior is completely finished.

3. Rural
Bring natural elements indoors

Country living sounds so simple; some natural elements and done. Plausible but not quite true.
Country living, like modern living, is a term that encompasses much more than just botanical elements, and we want to divide this style into: botanical/ romantic/ Scandinavian/ Bohemian- Ibiza

Characteristics of botanical style:
– shapes and images of animals, flowers and plants
– green and blue shades
– natural wood
– wallpaper with animals, flowers and plants
– wicker, rattan, coats
– still lifes for the wall

On the wall, a framed poster with the delft-blue jug with bouquet matches this.

Characteristics of the romantic style:
– flowers, often rose prints on curtains, wallpaper and furniture
– English and French cottage style furniture and elements
– pink and red shades
– brocante home accessories with animal and nature prints
– ruffles and fringes on sofas and armchairs.
– decorated china and tableware
– lace dresses
– little kitschy figurines

Characteristics of the Scandinavian style:
– calm and minimalist
– reindeer and sheep pelts
– white, gray, anthracite and colors are mostly graying
– wood, concrete, steel, glass
– graphic patterns
– sleek

Characteristics of Bohemian – Ibiza style:
– many colors such as yellow, blue and green. Bit of Villa cackle idea.
– crocheted accessories
– hippie influences
– dreamcatchers
– shell pendants
– white, plain wood and frilly transparent fabrics
– nature accessories

Bohemian is a little romantic style meets the 70’s, with hippie influences. And Ibiza style rubs more against the Scandinavian style in terms of colors and materials.
The design Heatwave on the beach fits this style perfectly, a beautiful object for the wall.

4. Industrial
Living with the power of steel

This is a living style that is often favored by men; it is minimalist, calm, sleek and mostly without too many bells and whistles. Real wood floors or cast concrete-look floors are favorites, and also consider metal shelving units and metal doors.

Characteristics of industrial living are:
– steel in furniture and doors
– minimalist and spacious, very few home accessories
– black, white and gray
– graphic prints and wall decoration
– wood, concrete and glass
– graffiti, street art
– loft meets workshop

A great example is wall decoration Graphic head in black and white

5. Design
Timeless furniture from big names

By design, you can think of timeless furniture with a focus on design and quality. Art to sit on, designed by big names such as Charles Eames, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Arne Jacobsen, Marcel Wanders and Philippe Starck, among others.
Maybe it doesn’t tell you anything, but sure you know their creations.
It’s not a cheap style of living, but then you don’t have to fill your home with design. One nice armchair will do just fine. You can find these at home improvement stores, and perhaps a good upholsterer will have some used design for sale.
Sometimes older (second-hand) furniture from Ikea is also considered design, but that only goes for a few designs.

Design features:
– sleek design
– very high quality
– artistic
– minimalist
– chic
– timeless

This wall decoration Life is a circus,clown fits very well in a design interior, it is unique, sleek and with an artistic wink.

6. Hotel chic
Living in symmetrical luxury

Hotel chic, you hear it come up on many home decorating shows these days. But what does this style of living really entail? It looks like a mix of classic living and design in a modern twist.
Luxurious and chic, without real design, but with a high shine.
Often the furnishings are arranged symmetrically.

Characteristics of hotel chic:
– symmetrical
– shine and bling bling
– luxury fabrics such as good fake fure and satin
– added use of home accessories such as large planters, hefty home accessories and lots of pillows
– dark colors and natural tones such as gray, brown, beige, black, white
– gold, silver and crystal as accents

A beautiful and luxurious design for the wall which matches this is Cranes with golden crest.

7. Ecletic
Creating an eclectic living style is how you do it!

What is meant by eclectic? Adventurous and exciting are words that typify eclectic interior design. With this living style, it’s all about combining different styles. You choose different elements of the styles and put them together to create something new.
Pay attention to the connecting factor here, because eclectic sounds like “we’ll just throw everything together and be done,” but it’s not like that. In this style of living, we pay close attention to how and what you combine with each other to achieve a super cool interior.
It’s not for everyone and you also have to have some feel for it to not make it a mishmash. Think of it as a coordinated mix of styles.

Characteristics of elclectic:
– mix of styles with a common denominator such as repeating patterns, colors or materials
– anything goes, but a little feel for mixing is helpful

So the wall decoration
Flamingo with vintage style flowers pink
combine for example with color painting Pink panther lips.
This is not about following the trends, but it is about a common thread, for example, a color or elements that you return to your interior. As with this wall decoration, the color pink is the connecting factor.

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