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At Postergirls, we believe that wall decoration plays an essential role in creating atmosphere. Through wall art, for example, you can let your personality shine through an interior.
Our assortment is abundant with artwork with text, perfect to enhance any bare wall in your home.

Through our partnership with Werk aan de muur, you can easily order contemporary wall art from home. Will you choose a round painting, a canvas painting or a metal painting? We are happy to help you find your new favorite piece of art.


A colorful painting fits any interior

Discover for example
Color color
, the harmony of soft and bright colors evoke a cheerful feeling. The streamlined shapes make the design modern and add depth and can bring a true 80’s feel to any room. The rich color palette not only creates a vibrant atmosphere in the home, the diversity of colors also ensures that the wall art will stand out in any interior.


By the way, did you know that we also have a
Back to the 80’s
collection as well?
Take a look and imagine yourself in the world of neon colors and geometric shapes, a time when creative expression was key, the streets were colored by graffiti, Madonna, Michael Jackson & Prince dominated the charts and everyone was dressed in punk and new wave clothing styles.


Postergirls is the place for unique art

Whether you have a modern minimalist interior or go all out with an eclectic interior, you will always find a suitable piece of art with the versatility from our range. This collection focuses on designs that incorporate text.

Color color
, a true explosion of color, the use of color in
Avant garde
is a lot calmer. The vertical stripes in the background, combined with the fashion-conscious lady in the foreground, create an elegant look.
Order this unique artwork as acrylic glass, in a large size and you are sure to get the glossy magazine feel in your home.


Shop wall art with text


If, like us, you have a real penchant for the eclectic style of living, you’ve come to the right place for a colorful painting to complete any room. Walls without artwork are often just big empty spaces, with wall art from Postergirls you can easily add a touch of cheer.
For example, discover
Big in Japan
, a design where elements such as text, figures and color come together harmoniously. Although the design contains several elements, the attention is immediately drawn to the mesmerizing gaze of the woman at the center of the design.


Choose a classic or modern finish

The finish of an artwork determines the overall look of the painting. Through our collaboration with Werk aan de muur, it is possible to print our unique prints on a material of your choice. For example, you can choose painting on canvas, an aluminum painting or a glass painting.


✓ Unique designs

✓ Customized

✓ Print on demand

✓ In collaboration with Work on the Wall