Postergirls and Werk aan de muur / Art Heroes

Would you like our unique designs on a changeable art frame, acrylic glass, dibond, canvas, photo prints or would you like the image on wallpaper?
Click on your choice!
All designs are unique and designed by team Postergirls.

Postergirls collaborates with Werk aan de muur, known for the SBS television program VT Wonen “Back in love with your home.”

How it works.

* Under wall-art in the bar, click on a menu of your choice.
* Click on an image of your choice.
* You will be directed to our shop at Werk aan de muur (Art heroes).
* At the top right there, choose your language and possibly which country in Europe you want it delivered to.
* Choose your material, size and any additions such as frame or special requests.
* Place it in your shopping cart and you can checkout your choice.
* If you want to browse first, to browse you can either click SHOP in the upper left corner or click back in your browser on the Postergirls tap.

Benefits for you:

* You have wide options in materials and sizes!
* You can pay securely with Ideal, Bancontact, Mastercard, PayPal and Klarna, among others.
* Free shipping.
* Werk aan de muur collaborates with home stylists.
* Always good and clear advice.
* Good and clear return options.
* Quality mark with honest reviews.

Note :
* Should you order a design from Postergirls at Werk aan de muur, Werk aan de muur’s terms and conditions, return policy and payment method apply.


Here are the links where you can find our shop at Werk aan de muur: